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Taking Care of Your Diamond

Diamond jewelry is one of the most coveted things a woman would want as part of her fine jewelry collection. But having a collection of expensive things requires one to take good care of these things in order to ensure that they will not tarnish or lose its luster. As each gem and metal is made of different elements, there are different ways of taking care of these things.

Here are some tips on how to care for your diamonds from the comfort of your own home.

An easy way would be to soak the diamond in a bowl of cold water. This cold water has to be mixed with household ammonia. The solution would contain half portions of cold water and half portions of household ammonia. Soak the diamond in the cold water solution for at least half an hour. Then rinse it in the same solution to shake out any debris stuck. Leave it to dry on clean tissue paper.

Another way to clean your diamond would be by buying a liquid diamond cleanser. There are many cleansers being sold where in you just dip or soak your jewelry in. They usually come with instructions so you would know how exactly you are to soak or dip your jewelry and how long should you leave it soaking. After you have soaked it for the suggested amount of time, dry it completely before wearing to ensure that the chemical does not stay long on your skin. You can buy these cleansers at different jewelry stores. Just ask the sales personnel for the best suggested brand.

One easy way would be to soak the diamond in mild and warm water mixed with detergent. You may place the warm water in a clean bowl. After which you can add in mild detergent such as dish washing liquid or gentle bathroom cleanser. Then use a toothbrush to gently brush the diamond with the water mixed with detergent. This will loosen any dirt around the diamond. Then rinse the diamond. Use a strainer to do this.

It is one thing to clean your diamonds. But it should be noted that storage is very important. Do not put them in a jewelry box with other pieces of jewelry because they can scratch other diamonds or other gems. Wrap them up individually with tissue paper. Another way of keeping them would be to get a jewelry box that is lined with fabric such as those velvet lined jewelry boxes or boxes with individual dividers and compartments.

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