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Diamond Jewelry

Diamond is considered to be the most expensive jewelry therefore it needs extra care and security while you travel. Not all people are fortunate to afford this kind of luxury that is why owning diamond is also a great responsibility. In the long run, its value increases as you can pass it to your grand children. Diamond jewelry is not just any material thing you bring when you go overseas. It is not something you stash on your luggage and you are good to go. It should be packed carefully and placed in a secured compartment. Do not let your inattention to taking care of your diamond jewelry be the cause of damaging it forever. In the end, do not let anyone put the blame on you in case your any incident happens to your diamond.

Similar to your other possessions like your car and house, it is also necessary to apply for an insurance coverage for your diamond collection. In this way, you have something to depend on when theft strikes or a natural disaster damage your diamond jewelry. Many things happen unexpectedly so it is a must to be ready anytime, anywhere.

If possible, wear your diamond pieces to events where guests are close to you and composed mainly of your family and friends. In case there are more strangers around you and you are wearing an expensive piece of diamond, be sure to have at least one bodyguard present to be with you. Some thieves take the opportunities like events, festivals or parties to target items they could steal. When attending happenings with big crowds, better wear less expensive accessories.

Avoid wearing your pricey diamond pieces in public places such as airports or the streets. Wearing them out in the public is like attracting the robbers’ attention. When flying overseas with your diamond jewelry, keep the items inside the jewelry boxes and keep them in your hand carry. Prevent also from telling stories to strangers about the things you are carrying with you.

It is recommended to store your diamond collection inside its designated boxes to avoid exposure to natural elements like the sun, air, water or dust. Do not make it a habit to check on your diamond pieces frequently as the dirt in the air gets trapped inside the box. You can also purchase a special cleaning kit for your diamond to sustain its shine for a long period of time.

For added protection for your diamond jewelry pieces, enclose its boxes with bubble wraps to avoid being shaken during the flight or a road trip. You can also put cotton or soft cloths on empty spaces inside the jewelry box to cushion movements and prevent your diamond pieces from being scratched.

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